Friday, October 07, 2005


These are practical suggestions or marketing suggestions for products.

And the Winner is:

Pancake mix (or flour-like goods) should come in cylinder shaped containers (like Quaker Oatmeal). The packaging used now is messy and impossible to reseal making it easy for insects to get in."

Submitted by Summer Alsuradi, of Burbank, Illinois.

Okay, it's not that sexy, but it's still quite practical. We know it's true for many products -- sugar, flour, etc. Thanks Summer.

Runners Up:

"A man sitting at the beach with a six pack of heineken and six women around him, the screen flashes "Cool," then pans over to a guy with a case of heineken and 24 women and the screen flashes "Cooler" (Kevin McDaniels)

"Gatorade needs to add some more flavor for the sweet ladies like me, who want something like strawberyy kiwi, cherry lime flavors, those basic taste are so old school."( Trina Walker)

"If Sarah Jessica Parker ever tires of being the face of Gap, you know who would be really great? Jennifer Aniston. She exudes the kind of casual chic that defines Gap's clothing. (Paria Kooklan )

"KFC should offer chicken and waffles. It's a delicious soul food combination, and I think it would really sell. The slogan? "Don't knock it 'till you try it."(Paria Kooklan)

"I always thought that timex indiglo watches should be marketed as portable night lights."
(Sarah Elizabeth Skelton)

" Ortega should produce hard taco shells that are flavored like Doritos chips."(Megan Rusch)

" My idea (which was actually shown on a Super Mario Brothers cartoon show) was popcorn pizza. We tried it and it was delicious! Crunchy, and a good blend of tastes."(Elaine Deering)

"They should make IPod's with lowjacks like they have on cars, so if somebody steals yours you can lock it from home (using your computer) and they won't be able to use it." (timothy dockery)


"Install periscopes on smaller economy cars to see over the towering SUV's and eighteen wheelers to avoid potential accidents like a perimeter checker with long range capabilities for safety. (Jonathan Bennett)


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