Tuesday, September 06, 2005


And the Winner is....

"A magazine ad for *beer* that has a fold-out like a perfume or cologne ad, where it smells like beer. It could either just have funny phrases on the page, or it could be a mock perfume ad."

Submitted by--Keren Douek, of Saint Louis, Missouri.

Okay, this may never actually happen, but it such a funny idea, and could be used for another product.

Runners Up:

"The iPod has become such an accessory for women. They should put a mirror on the back and maybe a lipstick attachment. Market iPod Beauty Saver."
--Michele Lieblich

"Swiffer Shoes!!! Let your feet do the cleaning. You could use hospital-style booties made of swiffer material to clean the house as you walk around. Fun for kids!!! Great for all tile/ wood homes."
--Wendy Owen

"You can get custom made sneakers and custom music via iTunes so why can't suppliers allow us custom made DVDs of our favorite TV shows? I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for a disk of favorites."
--christy gonzalez

"Create a two-sided bottle that houses the shampoo and conditioner all in one bottle. One side shampoo. One side conditioner."
--Mary Pryor

"The type size used in printed telephone directories should be larger for optometrists and opthomologists."
--Kathy Luccaro


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