Monday, June 27, 2005


This contest featured slogans submitted for any product in our database. This is our favorite contest, as it features ideas that come spontaneously from the public.

The winner, submitted by Jennifer Palmer of New York for Cover Girl makeup:

"Imperfections Make Us Human. Concealing Them Makes Us Girls."

Why we like this one: It acknowledges our humanity and our vanity at the same time; comforting us that trying to improve ourselves doesn't necessarily make us superficial.

Runner Up:

"Mind Altering. Substance."
Fast Company Magazine (Brad Cory Feldman)

Why we like this one: This slogan shows the power of punctuation. One little period and the entire meaning of a counter-cultural phrase becomes a tagline for a magazine touting corporate success and innovation.

Honorable Mentions: (in no order)

"Make an Impression, Cause a Spark, or Just Be Boring!"
Craftsman Tools (Diane Basinger)

"Prophet Sharing."
Fortune Magazine (Brad Feldman)

"Keeping You Out of Sticky Situations"
Dry Idea Antiperspirant (Iris Jasmin Snyder)

"A Taste of Heaven... A Hell of a Scotch'
Chivas Regal (Samira Badhwar)

"Get it When You Want It"
Blockbuster (Sarah Rebecca White)

"Ever Dream About Having the World At Your Fingertips?"
Gibson Guitars (Robert Wu)

"Because We Love Food Too"
The Food Network (Sarah Rebecca White)

Special shout out to Sarah White and Brad Feldman, who each had two entries represented. Good work guys!


At July 11, 2005 12:31 PM , Anonymous Julia said...

I think a few of these are good. Though I find a lot of them sounding awfully familiar. "Get it when you want it" seems like I've heard that before or a similar phrase. "Mind Altering. Substance." Though the puncuation may be correct- the phrase is in no way catchy. I'm wondering who is judging these entries and what is their qualifications? I do not see that posted. Would love a response.
Julia Crawford

At September 23, 2005 2:30 PM , Blogger merkley??? said...

utter crap


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