Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Read the Adcandy article featured on Clickz.com

We had a nice article about Adcandy published on Clickz.com, a marketing industry informational website. Click the title to read.

Monday, July 25, 2005

"Write A Slogan for Adcandy" Contest


"Adcandy -- Where Creative Nuts Cluster"

This slogan was submitted by Tamie Pryor of Oswego, Illinois.

Why we love this one: It's fun, it's alliterative, it plays loosely on the "candy" aspect of our name, and it promotes the community of the site all at the same time.


“Adcandy -- Treat Yourself to Insight."

Although we didn't offer any second place prize, we are going to give Michelle Riveraof Queens, New York, a prize for submitting this slogan.

Why we love this one: Simple and eloquent, this slogan captures the essence of what we hope will generate revenue for Adcandy -- consumer insight for companies. (Revenue that we will share with our users.)


Here are the other runner-up slogans, any of which are good enough to be used. (If we do use eventually use them, submitters will be compensated with a prize at our discretion.) You people are good!

"Ads That Melt in Your Mind..."
--Joshua Tedeschi

"Where Great Ideas Bring Sweet Rewards"
--Joe Gold

"Eat the Message"
sheela wolford

"Every Good Company Deserves Adcandy"
--Joan Trombetti

"Because Original Ideas are Thought not Taught"
--Iris Jasmin Snyder

"Find your Inspiration Everywhere..."
--Samuel C Hoelzle

"Fat Free Marketing"
--David Lawrence

"For Those with a Sweet Tooth for Creative Advertising
--Jordan Erdos

"Public Takes on Public Tastes."
--Kathleen Doyle

"Satisfy Your Executive Suite Tooth"
--Joseph Baron Pravda

Honorable Mention:

“What To Do When You Should be Working”
--Eric Kostegan


Contest Commentary:

Adcandy launched on May 1st and we realized we better put our money where our mouths were, so we held a slogan contest for Adcandy itself. We didn't tell the public whom the target audience for the slogan was--the public itself ("B2C" or Business-to-Consumer) or directed towards companies ("B2B" or Business to Consumer.) Well, lucky us, we received entries that reflected both B2B and B2C, and although we didn't offer a second prize, we are going to give one for this contest.